Medical Update

Madre’s recovery 9-13 July

This morning the chest X-ray showed increased plural effusions which are concerning for multi focal pneumonia. I’m response, the team has transitioned her to tracheotomy ventilation which will give her the same respiratory support without her needing to keep her mouth open. This has a reduced the chances of further infection and we will start a broad spectrum antibiotic to try to minimize the damage from what’s already in her lungs. Her kidneys are already pretty taxes from her edema so it is a difficult balance of how aggressive to attack the infection vs how much we are willing to load the kidneys.

Unfortunately after the surgery yesterday moms blood pressure became less stable and she needed to restart the norepinephrine for support. It’s not a high dose like the first night but hopefully she will not need that for long.

Moms leg is no longer in the external fixator so she has shed some of that exoskeleton in exchange for all the pins and plates on the inside. I’m hoping to get to see the before and after X-rays today when the orthopedic surgeon makes rounds. We still haven’t addressed the pelvic fractures or any other fractures yet.

She still is mostly sedated to help her rest but they are reducing the propofol in the hope she can wake up soon and they can do some additional neurological evaluations. Still no change to the bleeding in her brain or the damage to the T-10 and T-11 vertebra but it’s hard to know how sever those are until we can assess her responses to various questions and commands.

Please keep the good thoughts and prayers coming, we need them all.

A picture of Madre on a recent vacation

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