Medical Update

Madre’s condition 14-21 July

I had a hard time writing this blog today. After considering the change in prognosis I decided it would be best to start a new thread. Unfortunately my mothers condition has continued to deteriorate. Specifically her liver is showing no signs of meaningful recovery with several indicators of impending failure. Her bilirubin was already so high it was off the scale of the test and now it is increasing exponentially. This is causing a jaundice appearance in her skin and eyes that confirm it’s not just a number on a test. Her BUN is also climbing to the point it will be off the scale of the test soon. She is not making any of the necessary red blood cells her body needs to heal, her sodium and chloride are dangerously high and her blood pressure is very unstable all indicating her heart will have extreme difficulty continuing to function for long.

While her respiration has shown some signs of improvement unfortunately that doesn’t offset her other pending cascading organ failure.

She has opened her eyes a few times today but she is minimally responsive to verbal commands and no longer is able to squeeze our hands or give us the thumbs up she was able to before her reconstructive surgery to her right leg. One of my moms worst fears was to be kept alive by machines while her family watches her body waste away. My family and I have talked about the fact that we don’t want to do that to her against her wishes.

Some of our family are making plans to come visit her over the next few days. Once that is complete we plan to honor her wishes. If you would like to come visit her, read to her, pray with her, hold her hand, or just tell her how much you love her, I would encourage you to make those plans sooner rather than later.

I’m honestly not sure how much longer I can continue to write in this blog about the details of her medical condition. While I will try, please understand how difficult this has become for me. To watch this happen to the strongest woman I think I ever knew and be able to do nothing but describe it, is very hard. I really hope you will go to the “words of encouragement” thread in the main menu above and share some happy memories of my mom. I would very much like to read those stories, especially if you can write about things that happened at Wooster High School, UNR, Rainbow girls, or any time before I was born. I know very little about my moms life before 1974 and would very much like to hear about it.

Thank you to those who have been so supportive with prayers and positive thoughts. If you are willing to continue to pray for her I would ask that you pray for Gods will to be done, for my mother to know how much she was loved, and for her to find the peace she deserves.